Planning For The Settlement Process

When you're going into the settlement as a seller, expect a pre-settlement inspection. It's an inspection that happens just before the settlement, and can be any time before the settlement itself. Expect the buyers to want to come through right at the very end when you're busy and you're packing and you're trying to get your lives moved in order. So keep reading to know few of the things you want to do to be prepared for that.



Inform the buyers that the home is not readily presentable.

It's important that you let the buyers go in for a pre-settlement inspection. But make sure your agent informs the buyers that the home is not going to be in its open home ready presentation. It's not going to look as good as the photos and it's going to be in shambles and boxes and things going everywhere. So to avoid surprises on the buyer's end, informing them beforehand is a must.

Plan well in advance.

Having information and a plan about when you're gonna pick up your things and when the settlement day and time actually is must be done in advance to have the settlement move in a flawless manner. The time is really important because normally I find they're mostly between 12 and 4 pm, but more predominantly in the afternoons. So if that’s the case, you would want to get yourself out of the house well in advance and ready to move into the next space that you're going into.

Clean your home.

Please, as a seller, please clean your home. When you're getting to the end of the process and you've got boxes, you've got your family, you've got your kids, you've got everything getting ready and it's organized and sorted and you're moving, and usually people the cleaning at the last minute. Most people just go, "Bugger it. I'm not gonna go and clean the home." Or they just do a pretty basic job of it.

It's not a requirement in law to go and clean the home, but I genuinely, genuinely ask and request everyone to go and do this. Please leave your home in a clean state, the way you would love it. You don't have to thoroughly clean the home, but get a cleaner or spend a couple of hours to wipe everything down. If you can do the oven, do it! Usually, people go, "Oh they just left it in the way that they've been using it." And it doesn't leave the buyer in the greatest of impressions.

A messy home can delay the settlement process.

Every now and then if the home is left in bad shape or there's too much stuff around, you will delay your settlement. All these things that you’ve got planned, you might actually muck up or slow down or stop the settlement until the buyers are satisfied with the home during the pre-settlement. Again there’s no law that says that they can actually stop the settlement, but in the same process, let's do everything we can to leave the home better for the next person so that when they get inside the home they just go, "Yep, that's great. Thank you." Get organized, makes a big difference.

So that's what I've got. I hope these pre-settlement tips help you out in a big way to make the settlement process a better experience for both parties. See you at the open homes!