Buying a Home? Make Sure You Read This...

I want to talk about the importance of showing your interest in a campaign, and primarily as the buyer. See when we launch a property and we do all the marketing, and do all the information and take it to its first point of interest, with the first showing we get inbounded with phone calls, SMSes, inspections in the home itself and questions that are always coming forward. And what we're doing is we're filtering through all the people. So it’s important to show your interest in a home straight away.


Agents can’t keep track of everything.

Agents go through a wide range of people that come through the home itself, which are the ones that really want the home. And we're going to make sure that everyone is given as many opportunities, as much space to declare their best interest in the home. But sometimes you get some really good campaigns, where there will be 15, 20, 30 people running through the front door. Especially when you get those big open homes, where you get 30 to 40 people running through. You get a lot of people and in any one given period of time, it’s important to talk or converse with the Agent there and then, or send a simple text message afterwards, or just do something that can show that you are interested to find out if the home is available for you and if you can buy it.


Always try to have your say.

This happened to a lady, and she literally said, to the effect of the words, "I didn't get to have my say." That's probably one of the most disappointing things that a buyer can go through in a campaign itself. When you go through all the effort, you make all the inspections, you do all your checks, and so forth and you don't actually say anything. So even if there are too many people or so much going on, just start making an offer.


Be transparent in your interest in a home.

The other thing that's really important is to be transparent in your interest in a home. Because if you don't make yourself aware, or known to the agent, what happens is, you basically turn around and say, "I've never had a chance to have my say." So it's important to make sure that you show the Agent your interest. Tell them that you like this home, or ask them if they can talk to you in a private location if you don’t like declaring your interest in front of others. The more transparent you are, the more transparent they'll be with you.

.  .  .

So that’s it for my thoughts about showing your interest when it comes to a home. Anyways, give me a call at 0418 577 200 if you ever need more advice for your home. See you at the opens.