Four Things You Must Do Before Moving To A New Area

Moving is a big adventure, but one that must be undertaken with caution. It involves a lot of careful research and planning. From my experience of being an agent, I have helped lots of people move out of their old homes and into new ones. From those experiences, here are some tips that can help you!


1. Ask yourself: is it time?

Is it time to move out? To find out, here’s a small questionnaire:

  • Do you feel stuck?
  • Is your budget stretched too thin?
  • Does your current place not support your goals?
  • Do you like the weather in your current location?
  • Do you complain about your city all the time?

If your answer to all these questions are a big YES!, then you might really need to move.

2. Research the area you want to move into.

Even though you already have an area in mind, you still need to research it. Knowledge is your friend here. The internet is, too. Here are some things you need to research:

  • Cost of living. Look into how much you need to spend on basic necessities such as housing, food, health care, and taxes.
  • Employment opportunities. If you’re moving to a new area without a job waiting for you there, you might need to secure a job first.
  • Neighbourhood. What kind of neighbourhood do you want to be in? Check the distance of the  neighbourhood from establishments, schools, hospitals, etc. It’s also important to look into crime rates and other statistics, weather hazards, and the like to ensure an area’s safety.
  • Transportation options. Would you need a car or would you need to use public transportation to get around? Which neighbourhoods have the best routes and train lines? What are your parking options if you need a car
  • Quality of life. Do you see being satisfied and happy in the new area? Consider your financial security, health, safety, and family life.

It would also be helpful if you actually go to the neighbourhoods you’re eyeing, to get a personal feel of the place.

3. Look for real estate agents in the area.

Search for real estate agents in your desired area. Interview them to know how knowledgeable they are about the area you want to move in. You’d want an agent that is good with people and a good negotiator. You can also ask details for:

  • Comparables. These are the homes recently sold, which could be used as a benchmark on how much homes cost. You could use them to avoid overpaying.
  • Market temperature. Are you buying in a hot, cold, or neutral market? The market temperature is indicative of the number of homes being sold and their final price.

4. Learn more about inspections and disclosures.

Find out which inspections are performed and disclosures you can expect to receive. You can ask your agent some of these questions:

  • Do state laws govern transfer of ownership? Do they also command inspections?
  • What types of repairs do sellers cover?
  • Are pest inspections part of the contract?
  • Who pays for home building inspections?

Another thing you need to know is the disclosure of material facts. Material facts are information about a property that may affect a buyer’s decision. Material facts include the occurrence of violent crimes, murder, and even the suspected presence of ghosts. Seller’s agents are required by law to disclose those kinds of information to avoid misleading buyers.

Here are some more tips if you have decided which area to move in:

  • Set up a moving budget. Moving still costs money, so be prepared for it.
  • Research movers. Look for recommendations online, or better yet, ask your friends, family or neighbours.
  • Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, ask for cost estimations.
  • Get all the move-related paperworks in order, to avoid hassle.
  • Create an inventory and divide it into three groups--bring, sell/donate, and throw away. This will help you sort your belongings out, and hey, you can earn money or help people, too!

.  .  .

Start your new chapter armed with knowledge through these tips! You’ll never know when you’ll need them. And if you need help in finding a home or setting up to sell, just reach out to me at 0418 577 200! Talk soon!