5 Things You Should Do to Maintain Your Home's Value

Over time your home naturally gets a bit worn down, and there are certain areas that you definitely need to look into to make sure that you’re retaining the value. As a homeowner it’s important you take the time to check your property’s overall condition because it will have an impact when you sell. Plus, nobody wants a shabby home! Here’s 5 things you should do to maintain your home’s value - let’s take a look.


Curb Appeal.

Your front yard and front door are the first thing people see - so you want to make a good first impression! An attractive entrance doesn’t have to be expensive either - you’ll be surprised at what a few potted plants and some nice garden lighting (if relevant) can do. You might also want to consider a graveled area to add a bit of character if your yard can accomodate for it.



This is one of the easiest fixes you can do for your home. Repainting both the interior and exterior of your home can give it a fresh look and a well-maintained appearance. Consider painting the ceiling as well, it will make a dark room look a lot brighter. Remember - when in doubt, go light bright and white!


Check the Plumbing.

Plumbing is often a recurring problem for any home. Checking your faucets, toilets, showers, and pipes for leaks - it’s worth it! It will help you avoid a potentially disastrous plumbing issue... Find a little time every month or so to check your plumbing system for your own peace of mind.


Protection From Termites.

Termites suck. Be proactive here! Don’t wait around for them to come to you,  because by then it might be too late for you to fix the damage. Find yourself a pest professional that can treat your home for termite prevention and this will be one of the best investments you can have for your home. (If you need a guy, give me a call on 0427 124 345 - I’ve got a guy!)


Regular Cleaning.

Don’t just clean right before home inspection or before an open house. You can make it a lot easier if you clean your house regularly. It doesn’t have to be a hardcore clean just enough to keep it neat - it’s a good idea to do it once a month. With regular cleaning, your home can have a better value and will age a lot more gracefully over time.


Bonus Tip - Check Your Roof.

Bonus tip here… You don’t need to actually replace your roof if you can help it (that’s expensive). But checking for leaks and damage can save you a LOT of trouble (and money) when you’re proactive. Just checking for clogged gutters and chipping paint can seriously save you from having to completely replace your roof after a few years. Your roof can add a huge value to your home (and also hurt your value if buyers see it as something they have to fix).

.  .  .

Keeping the value of your home is easy when you’re proactive and you know what to maintain. Just keep in mind that like anything else you own, your house needs maintenance too. If you want to know more call me on 0418 577 200 any time.