6 Tips to Attract Buyers When Selling Your Home

At the end of the day, if you want to sell your home you need people to see it! You also want to make sure that when they DO see it, they want to take it. There’s a lot of competition out there and you need to give yourself the best chance of success. Here are six ways to attract more buyers to your property and create a lasting impression.



Get the word out.

Is your property ready to go? Time to get the word out. Make sure you’ve got professional photos (a video if you can!) and get it into the world. Personally I am a huge fan of social media because of the targeting and cost effectiveness, and I’d strongly recommend you find someone who can help you do this. Some print and offline advertising is always part of the process too.

Both online and offline you need to get the conversation going. Marketing is one of the absolute most important parts of selling property and when you create buzz you create competition, which creates scarcity and then…. Results.

Get a bit of word of mouth going too - tell your friends and family!

Have the home that makes them feel at home.

You often hear that first impression is everything. That’s because it is! Stage areas that you want to highlight within your home and make it warm. Create an attractive place setting and a centerpiece on the dining room table, set up a reading light next to an armchair or get some nice artwork to hang on that empty wall in living room. Things like this have a big impact and you want to make it  feel like a lovely home a buyer would want to live in.

Comfort is everything.

Everybody wants to have a comfortable atmosphere in their home and an air-conditioning system is something that plays a big role in that. Adjust it to a comfortable temperature and keep the rooms bright and full of light. Open curtains or blinds and turn on the lights, especially when the weather is overcast. Bad smells of course are a total no-go!

Highlight the season.

Use the seasons to your advantage. During spring and summer, it’s nice to have a vase with fresh flowers in the entrance hall or dining room. During autumn and winter, just have a basket of pinecones by the fireplace to give it that warm feel. And don’t push Christmas past New Year and put away those decors.

Be creative with your incentives.

Come up with an incentive that you know buyers would want and appreciate. You can do things like offering certain pieces of furniture, appliances or artworks at the selling price. It’s especially valuable to buyers if they’ve been custom-made for the property and they want to hang onto it.


Trust your agent and give them the keys.

Trust your agent and give them a key to your home. Allow them to easily access your property especially at times when you’re not there or are unavailable because you never know when a buyer will be ready to go. Try not to be too restrictive on viewing times - the more time available for the agent to show the home, the bigger the number of buyers can actually view the property.

.  .  .

The tips listed here can be easily done by any homeowner and you don’t need to spend too much to attract those buyers. All you need is a creative agent, a well presented home and a simple method to getting the word out. If you want some help, give me a call at 0418 577 200